Blame it on Ralph

Let’s face it most of us would like to give up the day job and do what we love instead.  So when I found myself in the position recently of having been made redundant, I took a good hard look at what it was I wanted to do with my life and decided alongside attempting to work freelance (in part, so that I could spend more time at home with my gorgeous Bedlington / Whippet cross Lurcher, Ralph), I was going to follow the experts advice and do something connected to my passions … which are art & design and dogs!  

So it seems quite auspicious in this Chinese Year of the Dog that I’ve decided to start a blog about precisely that … art and dogs.

Via my Bow Wow Arts blog I want to showcase all the wonderful artists and crafts people out there who are focusing on our canine friends; from professionals to small kitchen table start-ups and budding amateurs. Whether they are painters, sculptors, jewellery makers, or textile designers using dogs as their subject matter or simply making handmade products for dogs.

So if you are an artist, designer or craft person whose work mainly features dogs and would like your work to be featured, please do get in touch.  And if like me, you are just passionate about  art and dogs then please follow this blog to discover lots of doggie creativity. 

Author: Bev

Freelance creative director within the greeting card industry. Passionate about art, design and dogs!

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